Feel Proud In Becoming A Self-Taught Programmer

If somebody tells you it’s too difficult to teach yourself how to program, then please kindly ask them to watch this video. I start by showing you some of my old home computers from when I was a child. Then in my early twenties I started my own POS company, which eventually led to me learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL databases… but how is that related to my trade you might be wondering.

I also have a deep passion for computer graphics and game programming. After learning how to program in Python, I began learning “C++ through game programming”. The games were text-based games… but still loads of fun, and very satisfying.

Not long after that I became hungry for some proper graphics. I dabbled with “Allegro 5” for a while which I used to make 2D games, and then ended up settling on OpenGL as a way of getting into proper 3D graphics, which I learnt by setting myself the challenge of programming my own RC Flight simulator.

I doubt there’s a programmer alive today that doesn’t spend time searching online as part of their job when it comes to problem solving. Other than working my way through two excellent books, all of my knowledge and understanding, I’ve acquired through Googling and experimenting with code… no college or university education in programming, and no teaching or tutoring from anyone else.