Graphics Programming – Give yourself A Chance (Fearless)

When you first start trying to get into graphics programming it can be absolutely overwhelming, it really can, and often causes people to give up before they’ve given themselves a fair chance.

Not only do we have to compile and configure various other libraries in order to get even a simple shape rendered on-screen, but we also have to stare the graphics “rendering pipeline” squarely in the eye, which can be incredibly daunting.

Personally, I’ve experienced many of those feelings along the way. My understanding of what I know now hasn’t come easily – I’ve had to work very hard and do lots of research and experimentation.

My advice to you is… take it one step at a time, come up with challenges for yourself to maximise the enjoyment factor. And also very importantly is that, when doing research online, try to be aware with respect to weeding out the large amount of useless gibberish being spurted out in an attempt to make oneself come across as being smart… from the far fewer (unfortunately) examples of meaningful and helpful posts.