Premiere Pro SPLIT-SCREEN (4 in 1 ZOOM)

Sometimes we want to show multiple videos on-screen at the same time, but how can we then compensate for them being smaller? By slicing the screen (AKA viewport) the same number of times both horizontally and vertically, it keeps the aspect ratio the same, which is what we want.

By slicing the screen just once along both axes, we get four quarters, hence this tutorial shows you how to create the 4 in 1 zoom effect in Premier Pro.

The trick is working out how to zoom each image one at a time to make it fullscreen. I realise this sounds simple, but the timeline consists of layers, and for all clips to be displayed simultaneously they each have to reside on a different layer…

And layers are ordered with respect to which clip gets displayed on top of the others, i.e. a video clip on any given layer will be displayed over the top of all layers beneath it – why is this tricky? Please kindly watch the video to see my solution.