How to Zoom Slide in Premiere Pro!

Having now become a YouTube content creator, I spend a lot of time… and I really do mean a lot – many hundreds of hours editing my videos, and so naturally I’ve got better at it, and I've learnt quite a few tricks along the way.

Making tutorials about how to use Premiere Pro isn’t exactly my niche – my main focus is computer programming, which is highly technical, but then video editing is also technical.

Learning how to zoom with Premiere Pro is absolutely necessary, and there are lots of ways to do it. One of my favourite zooming effects is what I call “Zoom Sliding” – the video frame size gradually increases, let’s say to 200% its initial size, but then zooming still continues…

The reason I decided to call it “Zoom Sliding”, is because after the video frame size has finished being enlarged, the zooming effect that continues to occur (or takes over, depending on the timing via the keyframes) reminds me of when looking through a magnifying glass.

Just 3 Steps to Premiere Pro Zoom Sliding

We use keyframes to control the timing of each of the two zooming effects. The two zooming effects we need to apply to our clips in the timeline are: “Transform”, and “Crop”. Everything is controlled inside the “Effect Controls” panel…

  1. We increase the motion-scale value to increase the video frame size (i.e. the clip window size itself).
  2. Then increase the transform-scale value (accompanied by the crop effect), to zoom in within the newly enlarged video frame size.
  3. Finally, adjust the keyframe positions to blend both effects together as desired.